HWG – Session 0

The party started Session 0 with a Meat delivery to a Tavern, in the city of Whitefield Warf, in Old Market. Upon Meating in the Tavern (If you are not amused by puns, I assure you this is not the site for you), our protagonists stopped to have a pint as a Nobleman, one Guy d’Evreux, came into the Tavern with two of his Ork enforcers. Some threatening proceeded back and forth, and they were asked to step outside. However, this did not happen, as the Orks were attacked in the entry to the tavern. Returning the attack in kind, the Kitsune was walloped, Lord Grimm manager to bring more into the fight, and at the end of the day, one noble killed after seeing a magic trick at the bar, a couple orks killed, with a few maimed in the streets with fire, and one deciding “This is above my paygrade”, who took their cart and left.

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