A little about me. My name is Will. I go by Mr. Wonx, as this is my nickname from back before my internet days. See as the story goes, in the long before time of the 1990’s, it was fairly common to take a relativly common first name like Will and combine it with movie titles or the like, and use it to call your friends something not unique, but unique enough.

So this is how my friends began to reference me as “Willy Wonka”. I guess their options were that, or Free Willy. I personally choose the Candy Man over the Killer Whale. But as you can imagine, dear reader – Willy Wonka is a lot to say over and over again, and who has time for that. So over the course of a few years, it was shortened to Wonka, then eventually Wonks. But this was the 90’s – so that edge needed to be added, so the ks was replaced with an X. Eventually, I needed a domain name during the early 2000’s web boom, and thought “I’m a XX year old, I’m a full adult now! I should add a Mr. to the front of it!”. And MrWonx.net was born.

The site has been a little of everything over time, which follows my own interests and passions. We have been several message boards, different fan sites to things like Marvel, One Piece, and D&D, all well before they were cool. Now we expand a little on that, and make it a site about just my overall fan interests, with a heavy lean toward Tabletop Games.